This is the act of searching for the right stoneS with the potential to become exceptional diamondS. The quest for rough diamonds takes us all over the world to countries like South Africa, Angola, Sierra Leone, Russia, Australia or wherever else it may be.


The sourced gems then travel to our headquarters in Antwerp where our experts carefully sort them out. Only the stones that meet preset criteria concerning size and quality move on to the next step.


Diamond cutting requires high craftsmanship to preserve the balance between color, clarity, shape and shine. This stage only yields perfection when the cutter has enough experience and vision to properly treat every diamond the way that makes the specific diamond unique.


This stage comes to boost the quality of the diamonds with the finest technique. The polishing is executed under world-class quality control, highlighting every facet of the diamond and rendering its sparkle even brighter.


The diamonds continue their voyage to New York to arrive to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the leading and world’s most trusted diamond laboratory. The GIA analyses and then certifies every diamond attributing to it its 4Cs.


The GIA imprints, by laser, a code on the diamond, as if the piece’s DNA. The code is invisible to the naked eye but comprises information on the origins of the diamond.
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